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STRAP / Black

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Hanger made of organic vegetable tanned leather.
Designed by interior architect Mathilda Clahr in 2012.
Leather from Tärnsjö Garveri, Sweden. 

Color: Black
When exposed to direct sunlight the leather will 
darken over time and get a beautiful surface. 

Strap / The original leather hanger made in 2012.
The hanger with endless uses in both your home and workspace. In your hallway; for keeping your favorite bag or scarf in. In the kitchen for your towels & tools. For your favorite magazines or for your workspace with drawings and inspiration. Also works as a tie back for your curtains. The button makes it possible to hang in your favorite belongings. Maybe even your dear yoga mat? Use your imagination!

MATERIAL: Leather, cow hide.

"Tärnsjö Garveri leather is chrome- free and vegetable tanned hides from the best available raw material. For thousands of years, man has tanned leather with tannic acid from vegetable sources such as oak and mimosa bark. We still practice these environmentally sustainable methods today to ensure that our leather has a natural surface that ages beautifully with a patina that develops with use over time." - Tärnsjö Garveri

Leather care:  Tärnsjö Garveri

  • Exposure to direct sunlight will darken “blonde” colors and bleach darker colors.
  • Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is not regularly conditioned.
  • Certain chemicals and detergents can damage the surface of the leather and tarnish the color.

Size: When folded the Strap is approx. 250-300x30 mm long. 

Comes in a box, including screws. 

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