In this project where I was examining folds I made a movie that can be seen as kind of a spatial metaphor. A spatial moment in time which put me in a certain mood, as I became conscious of my own body and feelings. As an exhibition I shared this moment with my external partner, textile artist Anna Nordström in my own apartment. Followed by a talk about this moment we experienced together. 

"You soon understand that it won't loose its original shape even though it is moving, here I am invited to experience when it folds and unfolds into these moments. One part which I enjoy and remember the most is when it turns and you understand that it also continous on the other side." 

                                      - Anna Nordström, Textile Artist 

This moment was quite ambiguous and I realise that it was something about the moment I wanted to explore further; when my model was in motion I captured these moments with tools and methods such as photography, filming and drawing. This movie induced me think about how to transform a specific feeling into space. In this moment I also realised I wanted to explore this state where I still can be part of the imaginative a while longer, the state of transformation of one moment into a possible other space.

This project were made in 2016.

A continuation of this project: The process of Becoming.


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