A sneak peak of the collages “Fold” & “Clay” that I made for The Ode To, a new platform for art and design founded by Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins. Coming this spring! 

Photographer: Viktor Sjödin, Styling: Anna Leena Leino.


I have always been intrigued by reading about thoughts and ideas of other architects and artists. I think that is where I find my true inspiration. This image is part of a lot bigger context, its a small part of my atlas, (or if you prefer a mindmap) from working with my master degree project. I both collected others thoughts and ideas in combination of my own. It was a way for me to collect and store these things in an inspiring way. I love to go back to it from time to time, as it is an endless document. It also drives me to know more, read more and write myself. I think it is important for me to keep up with it, to be able to go back and see how things change and develop over time. I think I learned a lot about myself and my own processes during this period, something I never will regret doing. 


Photographer: Mathilda clahr

Part of making a master degree project at Konstfack also involved an exhibition design for the annual spring exhibition. My focus were on exhibiting my process as an archive - where the viewer could experience my project spatially. Both as an overview, to follow every step and dive deeper into certain details as well as previous projects and connections. This space were about to be seen as ‘alive’, where I continued working by the desk during the period. Almost as being in the middle of a setting of an architectural office, its archive and an exhibition. I find it interesting to think about what happens with the architectural and spatial representations in the context of an exhibition, do we look at them differently? 

ProjectExploring the moments of becoming, 2017


Photographer: Erika Kindblad


Who am I?

I am Mathilda, an interior architect and designer based in Stockholm who likes to share my point of view from time to time. This is my journal, a part of my portfolio site - and a way for me to be more personal - to show who’s behind all these layers. 

In the journal I share things from the past, where I’m going deeper into the archive, and also showing fragments of what I do at the moment.



These two images are part of a project dealing with the remembrance of Slussen in Stockholm. Closeups and views of my very small interior, functioning as memory of Slussen which is in the phase of being transformed. The friability of the site, shattered with all the peeling layers. This phase are soon nothing but a memory - what if I want to remember this part? 


These are sketches and process of an upcoming project and collaboration that you will be introduced to in the end of the year, and the upcoming spring! I’m looking forward to this so much! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do when making. 

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