- and possible, other spaces. 

Master Degree Project, 2017

When making representations of interior architecture we imagine its becoming. One aspect of the qualities is the imaginary and also the spatial promise it can give. We can inhabit the space of a model or a draw in by using our own imagination. Without these dreams about the becoming we will not challenge ourselves and the field we are in. A model is a representation, a place that comes to act for another place. It has endless possibilities and provides space for the unexpected. Moments can become ungraspable, a kind of passage into the unknown. They can serve you by becoming something wherein something else cantake place. There we can inhabit an image, a kind of frozen moment in time, where everything yet is possible.

Key Words: Moment, time, becoming, process, representation, imagination.

In the moment making the drawing you become a part of it, dealing with small shifts, you are lost in the space of the drawing, wanting to see the whole picture, I zoom out again and comeback to them several times.

Photographer: Erika Kindblad

“When in the architect’s office, the model is still ‘alive’ as it has potential to be changed, to be modified. At that point the model is also part of a work environment: plans have the stains of wine glasses, coffee cups or dropped cigarette ashes. When the model enters the museum, it is protected, preserved and archived as it is at that very moment.” 

- Models, The Idea, The Representation and The Visionary - Miniature Temptations, Oase Journal 84

Enter the space of the archive of my findings; a place where you can explore my process and the moments of becoming. 

The central role of this project has been the process together with the findings I make over time. The process is about the shifts and its layers. Being able to go back and forth, where I dare to stay in-between and linger on the edge, before it becomes too clear or graspable. The importance of the process is to be seen as ‘alive’, therefore this exhibition is set in the context of an office and its archive. 

This includes my exploration and analysis of three different sites; the model, the park and the church. The representations, such as drawings and sculpted objects comes to act for the sites. 

When making representations of interior architecture we imagine its becoming. These being represented and shown in this moment, within this space.

The relationship between the drawings and objects I made is about describing the meeting. It is about a relationship and the distance inbetween two or several objects. As being able to explore them in another scale, about shifting the view, getting closer, as well as the understanding of the space.

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